Little history

For nearly 30 years, we were many professionals who participated to human relationships training courses presented by Jacques Salomé. With time, some of us became presenters and/or trainers of presenters of the ESPERE method; they use this approach regularly in their professional practice and they transmit it in turn.

It is for allowing these professionals derived from different horizons to know each other that Jacques Salomé proposed in March 2001, a two days meeting. It was organized by Dominique Boussat-Létard and happened in Paris. Its main objective was for those who took a stand as presenters and trainers of the ESPERE method to meet in order to enlarge and to widen possibilities of this approach and in order:

  • to confront experiences in the practice of the ESPERE method in its various areas of application such as the communication in couple, in the family, at school, in the scope of helping, nursing or accompaniment relationship, or in the business world
  • to share successes as well as difficulties met in the learning, transmission, diffusion and the integration of the ESPERE method for those who use it as consultants, presenters, trainers, teachers, nursing or in their personal life
  • to exchange on improvements, discoveries, developments brought by each other to this approach
  • to establish possible synergies from one region to another.

These meeting days gathered some 90 participants who came from France, Switzerland, Belgium and Quebec. Amongst them, a dozen of people met again in September 2001 and in March 2002, under the initiative of Jacques Salomé and in his presence, with common project to create an association, to harmonise training course outlines and to organise new manifestations around and from the ESPERE method, intended for professionals who practice it explicitly and regularly and who let it know. Future prospects of the ESPERE method were also in the scope.

From there, the ESPERE Institute was created in association law 1901. Its Head office is in Paris  - 7 rue d’Anjou.(change address!) Its statutes were published in the Official Newspaper dated May 27th 2002.